A Nudge from God

Last night I made a quick run to RedBox to return a movie while my husband and granddaughter, Olivia relaxed at home. As I drove out of the parking lot I saw a young homeless man sitting on a blanket with all of his belongings propped up next to him. God nudged my heart open and placed this thought in my head; if I was sleeping outside I would want a nice, hot meal!

When I arrived home, Derrick was asleep on the couch and I motioned for Olivia to come into the kitchen. I told her of the plan that God had given to me and she smiled excitedly. I reheated some homemade black-eyed peas with smoked turkey legs over rice with a portion of collard greens leftover from dinner. We packed it up and drove back to the parking area to deliver the food.

We introduced ourselves to the young man and I handed him the food describing what Derrick had prepared. He said, “God bless you” and I told him it was a blessing for me as well. We chatted and he wished us both a happy holiday. Olivia, at age six was witness to a true act of kindness and obedience to God’s special request. I’ve learned not to question any of my Father’s instructions and am always rewarded when I follow through with them. Have a blessed and giving season!

5 thoughts on “A Nudge from God

  1. Lyn Doering says:

    That is absolutely beautiful praise the Lord and you

  2. grateful72014 says:

    What a great testimony of God’s provision! Not only did he feed Olivia but this is also how he feeds the birds of the air. Everything matters to Him! Praise God! 🥰

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  3. Angela Jackson says:

    Beautiful! 👏💓

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  4. Thank you 😊

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