A Day of Favor

My husband Derrick and I planned a little staycation in Santa Barbara to enjoy the perfect California sun and sites this holiday weekend. We would also stop along the way in Ventura for breakfast and to visit with my niece, Hanna. The breakfast spot of choice was Pete’s on Main Street. There was a half hour wait so we started chatting outside with a woman named Ruth Ann from Virginia. She shared some amazing personal stories of God’s perfect timing with us. Of course, I handed her my card with my contact information and told her I may be writing a sequel to “All In Perfect Time”.

We enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and other homemade dishes. When we finished our meal, I kindly asked the server for our check. A few minutes passed and I was becoming anxious to get back on the road and see my niece. The manager walked to our table and informed us that the woman who was seated behind me had paid our bill. I was so surprised because I had not even seen this woman or spoken to her! That is God’s favor right there!

The rest of our day just flowed with the same incredible energy and we woke up this morning so grateful for our marriage, our love, and our Father. Have a blessed and favored day!

Perfect Connections

One of my zumba instructors attended my book signing with her family. She purchased additional books for two friends who are grief counselors. I happened to meet them on Super Bowl Sunday and really connected with Sandi. A few days before, I was speaking with a woman, Julie who had called to confirm an appointment. We ended up conversing for ten minutes and discovering that we are both Christians. She confided in me and shared that she was having “empty nest syndrome” and inquired if I knew of a group she could attend to help her through this time.

I scheduled a lunch meeting with Sandi today and also asked her if grief counseling would be the right choice for Julie. She responded that it would be so I connected the two of them. It’s amazing how God works for our good and is always listening to our needs. He is the Provider and I am so thankful to be close to Him.

A Birthday Angel

Do you know when you’ve encountered one of God’s angels here on earth? I definitely know a beautiful little one who is turning 7 years old tomorrow. Her name is Chloe and she has the most loving and kindred spirit. I wear a silver ID bracelet that was my mom’s when she was a teenager. In memory of my mom, I inscribed her nickname, “Boopey” on the bracelet. Every time Chloe sees me, she runs up to me and touches my wrist and says, “Boopey” with compassion in her voice. It’s as if my mom is saying “hi” to me. I am so touched by the love of God through this sweet angel.