Get Out of Your Head and Pray for Others

I was struggling with a bad cold for one week. I woke up Thanksgiving night coughing uncontrollably and unable to rest my head on my pillow. I went to the computer and logged onto FaceBook to find one of my dearest friends had posted, “I held my mother’s hand tonight as he took her last breath.” I sent a private message sharing my experience with the loss of my mom and my dad in a short period of time. I cast a new perspective on how his mother was at peace in heaven and not suffering any longer. But most of all, I will pray for his family and that God keep them and comfort them and fill that aching void in their hearts.

Thanksgiving Opens Your Eyes

 I had a successful book signing party last Thursday evening. The next morning I awoke with no voice whatsoever! I stayed home knowing it would be too difficult to teach third graders without one. I’d purchased tickets in advance for Saturday night to attend a Prayze Night at my church’s theater. My husband had commited to caring for our grandson all weekend so I knew he wouldn’t be attending the concert with me. Part of me wanted to cancel, due to my husband not going and a rainy forecast. I invited one of my dear friends to go with me and she readily accepted. We enjoyed 3 hours of incredible performers praising our God! 

I am so thankful everyday that I can surrender to God and trust in Him.

Cat’s Book Signing Party

The owner of Marie Et Cie, the location of my next book signing, suggested that I arrange for a friend to play piano during the event. I contacted my friend Mariam Carian, an incredible pianist and singer to ask if she was available that evening. She responded back by asking if her trio, Silent Violet could perform a set at the signing. They’d been looking for a venue to debut their newest songs. Only God could have created this divine timing for us both.

I am Cat Hatchett, author of two inspirational books. I wrote Walk Right Through It after losing my mom and dad within a 2 month period to help others get through the loss of a loved one. Only faith can carry you through such a painful time…