Love Restoration

I came across this poem that I had written in an old writing journal dated 4/1/2000:


The debris of the past is gently washed away,

My heart has been healed and opens more each day,

April is bringing intimate gifts to me,

Love is what I truly crave and can now foresee.

A Treasured Companion

My youngest and dearest sister, Lyn still lives in our hometown of Chicago. Her devoted companion of fifteen years, was a beautiful Siamese cat named Chuck. He was actually  named by her daughter, Olivia as they were driving the kitten to its new home. My niece  was pointing out the car window and naming the objects that passed by. She could not pronounce the “t” in the word “truck” and it sounded like “Chuck”. That was the funny story behind their family pet’s name.

Before Lyn and her family left on a summer trip to Virginia, Chuck had lost much of his appetite. She told her two young sons to be prepared for him to pass away before they returned home.  However, her loving companion waited until she came home to take his last breath. That same morning, her handyman arrived (a day later than scheduled) and offered to bury Chuck in the backyard. Lyn gave him a special shawl to wrap his body in. This was truly a blessing from God because I don’t think she would have had the strength to perform this task on her own. No matter what the circumstance, we need to trust in Him because He will provide all that we need.