8 Years in Heaven

Today marks a special anniversary day for my sisters and me. It has been eight years since our beautiful momma went to heaven. My husband and I always celebrate her life by going out for a nice meal and toasting to her. It seems impossible that she has been with Jesus for this length of time. I have to say that each year does get a little easier emotionally. However, I still miss her every moment in my life and that missing part of my heart will not be complete until I join her one day.

The first book I wrote that is dedicated to her is titled, Walk Right Through It. When we are faced with adversity, heartbreak, or the loss of a loved one; that is the time to press in and get closer to God. He will carry us through these seasons and hold us in his arms offering His unconditional love. He always shows us signs that He is omnipresent and today is no different. I received a call this evening from a Grief Recovery leader at my friend’s church who has requested that I speak at their Monday night group. This has to meet the approval of the pastor and we are awaiting a response.

Whether or not this opportunity comes to fruition, I know that my Father always has me covered and trust that His timing is perfect. I am so thankful to have this incredible life and continue to grow in my relationship with Him and those closest to me.