Prayers Are Answered!

This past Sunday morning Derrick awoke early to prepare for a bike ride with a friend. As he planned to leave at 7:30 a.m., he leaned his road bike against the fence in our driveway while he grabbed his water bottle and snack from the kitchen. About three minutes passed before he walked outside and yelled, “Someone stole my bike!” I came running outside to find him distraught and both of us were trying to wrap our heads around what had happened. We were shocked that someone was bold enough to walk up the long driveway and grab his bicycle! He then jumped into his car to drive through the neighborhood and search for the person who had taken the bike.

As he drove off, I started messaging all of my friends to start a prayer chain. Although my mind was telling me there was little chance of him locating the bike, my spirit was saying that God could reveal the location to us. During those moments when fear and doubt would creep in, I would claim that God could turn this situation around. Derrick returned home with a heavy heart and we tried our best to make sense of the whole situation. The only answer we could agree upon was that God had protected him from a serious cycling accident.

About an hour passed and my husband received a call from his boss asking if he could come into the office for a couple hours. I think Derrick was relieved because his focus turned to getting dressed and moving past the unpleasant events of the morning. In the meantime, I called my dear Brazilian friend, Nazira to pray with me. After Derrick left for work, I dialed another prayer warrior friend of mine, Kimberly. She began praying with me and proclaimed that God would restore everything we had lost and more! At that very moment, Derrick was trying to call me so I placed her on hold. He sounded out of breath and blurted out, “I am walking toward the house with my bike and will be there in two minutes!” I told Kim that God had answered our prayers and I would call her right back. Then I ran outside to meet Derrick with his bike and cried out with joy! I grabbed him by the neck and hugged him, unable to control my emotions.

He proceeded to tell me the miraculous story of how he’d spotted his bike. He had driven only a few blocks from our home and was looking down one of the side streets. He’d noticed a woman walking with a backpack and she was wheeling a bicycle next to her on the sidewalk. He flipped the car around and pulled up to the curb. He asked her, “Where did you get that bike?” and she answered, “I just bought it for $20.” Derrick said, “That’s my bike; it was stolen this morning.” She did not offer any resistance and told him to take the bike.

This is our wonderful testimony of how God answers prayers when your faith is stronger than your doubts. Within the past 24 hours, we have shared this powerful story with our family, friends and co-workers. Please continue to share it as well with those you love and continue to spread His love.