War Room Is #1 In Our Marriage

I invited my husband to see the faith-based indie film, War Room last week. This drama demonstrating the power of prayer fought its way to the number two spot at the box office after receiving negative reviews from movie critics. I chose to listen to a few close friends who loved the film and highly recommended that Derrick and I see it.

War Room definitely impacted us as well as the trailers we viewed of several Christian films being released this year. Actually, we had a couple “God” encounters that evening as well. In the theater lobby, we met a woman, Stacy who has a ministry for married couples in her home. She was accompanied by an entourage of teenage girls, including her own daughter. They actually sat right next to us during the film and responded favorably to its message. We engaged in a spirit-filled conversation and before we parted, the woman spoke “unity” into our marriage.

We then drove to a quaint italian restaurant in our neighborhood for dinner. As we sat on the outdoor patio, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who sat down at an adjacent table. To our amazement, he mentioned that he owns a bike shop called “Go Green” in the Burbank area. Being an avid cyclist and spin instructor, Derrick lit up when he revealed this tasty tidbit! They talked about frequented bike routes, trails, and everything under the sun related to biking. Of course, I praised the film and suggested he watch it and then spread the word as well.

It was an anointed evening for the both of us! We have agreed to pray together more often after being woken to the realization that it will greatly impact our marriage and create a stronger relationship with God and each other. Now that the film has climbed to the #1 spot, I pray this will become the new direction for our nation.