God is Listening!

Last Tuesday evening my nephew and I discussed the power of prayer in our conversation. I shared my morning and evening ritual of talking to God and saying prayers. He desires to have a stronger relationship with the Father and I encouraged him to meditate on His word and pray daily. He’s been actively looking for a new job and asked if I could start praying for God to lead him to that position. I was elated that he asked me to pray for him and promised him to do so.

When I hung up the phone, I had a missed call. I was amazed while listening to the voicemail message. It was from the Assistant Principal of a school in our area with a job opening for me! This was a school that I’d intended to transfer to last year but the position fell through. I accepted that job offer and transferred the next day. I phoned my nephew to tell him that God was working on our behalf already and hearing our prayers. His response was, “My job is coming next! I know that God will work it out in his perfect timing!” AMEN!