A Walk In The Park

A few months ago, as I was walking with one of my students in the hallway, I heard the distant beating of drums. I followed the sound to one of the kindergarten rooms and peeked my head in. All of the children were seated in front of giant drums playing their little hearts out! I was so happy to be invited into such an incredible celebration of life orchestrated by a beautiful woman named Diana. When they all rose to their feet, she asked everyone to hold hands and led us in songs of peace and thankfulness. I offered to help Diana carry the heavy drums to her car and gave her a big hug. We saw each other on campus from time to time and would always smile and chat for a few minutes.

I went walking with a friend at the park yesterday afternoon. As we completed our first lap around the track, Diana crossed our path while heading to the parking lot. Her daughter was at soccer practice and had forgotten her bottle of water in the car. We were all amazed at the divine timing of our meeting and ended up talking for about twenty minutes. Diana mentioned that she was planning her first trip to Italy this summer and I shared that my husband, Derrick and I had traveled there a few years ago. I am so passionate when it comes to Italy, and was bubbling over with valuable tips and information. When I contacted Diana this evening, it was clear that I was chosen to assist her in the planning of her trip. When we surrender to God, He always gives us what we need,