Encounter with a Japanese Tutor

It was another beautiful and breezy California day. I am thoroughly enjoying the second week of summer vacation. In the early evening, I picked up one of my former students, Hannah who is about to celebrate her thirteenth birthday. We planned to pick up sushi from our favorite market and have a picnic at the local park. After eating dinner, we headed over to the new workout machines located on the opposite side of the park. Hannah pointed out a lovely young woman in a black dress who was twisting on an upright machine that could accommodate three people. We walked over and stepped onto the machine. I struck up a conversation with her and commented that she looked as if she was dancing.

The young lady introduced herself as Shoko and told us that she is a translator. Now Hannah has been fascinated with the Japanese language for three years now. She’s learned many Japanese words from studying her Japanese For Busy People books. Shoko and I exchanged our contact information and I will share it with Hannah’s parents. I do not believe our meeting was a mere coincidence. I think Shoko will become Hannah’s tutor and a family friend. Hannah’s expressed her desire to travel to Japan one day. One of her closest friends is traveling there this summer. Shoko could be instrumental in bringing Hannah to visit her home town in the near future.