Full Circle

I am scheduled for an outpatient surgery on August 8th to remove an IVC Filter from my inferior vena cava vein that extends from the neck to the groin.  This device was implanted in my body to prevent blood clotting after the head-on car collision last August. This will be the second attempt to retrieve the metallic filter; as the initial surgery last January was unsuccessful.

I have done my research on the risks of leaving this type of filter in my body.  It was frightening to read about the catastrophic effects of IVC filters that migrated to vital organs in the body after only a few years. Many of these filters become tilted and embedded within a short period of time making them difficult to remove. It is important that you educate yourself on this flawed device before it is implanted in a loved one.

On a positive note, this final surgery will bring closure to an entire year of healing. Although I have grown tremendously during my recovery, I fully embrace the future and am excited to see what God has planned.