The Immortality of Hella Sketchy

When I received the news that my friend’s son Jacob was in a coma, my immediate response was to start praying fervently for his complete recovery. I knew in my spirit that this was not in accordance with God’s plan and purpose for this gifted young man. As the days passed I prayed day and night for healing to Jacob’s body and envisioned him waking up, with his family gathered around him.

Jacob Tyler Thureson aka Hella Sketchy passed away on June 27, 2019 from an apparent opioid overdose. He was a musical genius and created more in his 18 years of life than most artists accomplish in a lifetime. His legacy will live on through the hearts of the thousands of people he touched and inspired; always encouraging others to follow their dreams. His family has received an outpouring of love and support from all over the world. Several of the messages have revealed that Jacob’s impact on their life was so profound, it had prevented them from a suicide attempt. He connected with so many young people and offered them hope for their future, even when he was in distress. Jacob was a selfless and giving soul. He will not be forgotten and his legacy will live on through his music, his fans, and his unforgettable story. Rest in peace knowing that you made a positive change in this troubled world. We love you!

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