My husband, Derrick has earned quite a reputation over the past 20 years for motivating and challenging the riders in his spin classes. This past January, we received the shocking news that he had an aggressive type of prostate cancer. The best option for treatment was a prostatectomy so we moved forward with the scheduling of this robotic surgery. We remained optimistic in the weeks leading up to the surgery and had complete faith that he would overcome this hurdle. We were also fortunate to have 2 friends who coached him and prayed with him from the beginning; as they are both survivors of prostate cancer.

After his doctor gave him a favorable prognosis, Derrick returned home to start his recovery. However, he was readmitted into the hospital a few days later due to an unusual tear in the surgical area. After 2 more exhausting weeks in the hospital, it was determined that a second surgery was necessary. There was a continuous outpouring of love and support from friends, family and co-workers offering prayers for his healing. Our dear Pastor Samuel and his wife Priya visited us in the hospital one afternoon and anointed him with oil and healing prayers. My faith has definitely been challenged and strengthened throughout this season. We are eternally thankful to all of you for the vigilant prayers on his behalf and are believing that the cancer has been removed and no radiation will be needed! Hallelujah!