You are Never Alone

With each step that I took on my morning hike
The uphill path seemed endless but I persisted
Knowing that I was not alone on this climb 
My Father is always with me in my spirit,
I can hear His voice guiding me on my path;
Whispering in my ear, "You are never alone".

As I reflected on the past few years, 
I was comforted as His arms wrapped around me
 Like a warm coat of honey in the afternoon sun
I praised Him for rehabilitating my body 
Also for giving me the strength and faith
To believe my husband has been healed from cancer.

Derrick and I are so thankful for all of your prayers!
Have a blessed and healthy New Year!





3 thoughts on “You are Never Alone

  1. Cynthia S Doering says:

    What a beautiful picture of God being with us all the time. He is the only One who is always with us, will never leave us, loves us unconditionally. We are truly blessed. Thank you God. Thy Will be done for all of us & our loved ones!

  2. Lyn Doering says:

    So beautiful Wom Mom’s heart is so happy Love you xxxooo

  3. Jodi McKinney says:

    Beautiful message Cat ! God is always with us and I feel his presence every day. He is part of my heart and soul. I cherish and need him for my inner strength.

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