Time After Time

When we are little children, time seems to stand still and move at a slow pace. We count the days until our next birthday in anticipation of hitting those significant numbers of 18, 21, 30, etc. As we mature, time seems to fly faster and faster and we wish that it could slow down to better enjoy those precious moments. Every Monday morning that I wake up it seems that I blink and it’s already Friday! This seems to be generally true for most of us. The exception for me is when I am suffering from emotional or physical pain. I find myself praying for those days to move at a quicker pace and would choose to place them on fast-forward if that was an option. Then I would not have to endure those uncomfortable and painstaking challenges even though I know they cause me to transform into a stronger woman.

One year ago I underwent surgery to repair a labral tear in my hip caused by one of my students with special needs who intentionally shoved me in my back.  The months of physical therapy were not pleasant; although I did bring a lot of laughs to the staff at the rehabilitation center. I always try to make the best out of any situation and have remained active by taking restorative yoga classes.

Tonight I am delighted to report that I took my husband Derrick’s spin class for one entire hour without any pain! This is an important day and more exciting to me than my birthday this month! I am so thankful to God for healing me from this injury and to my incredible husband for giving me continued love and support as we just celebrated our 9 year anniversary! Hallelujah to both achievements!

4 thoughts on “Time After Time

  1. Ghaffari Golesorkhi Leila says:

    love you and yaaaaaaayyyyyyy – you GO GIRL!!!

    and tell me more re your anniversay – where were those lovely photos taken?

    miss you and hope to see you soon x:)

  2. […] Time After Time. […]

  3. Claudia Isabella Montero says:

    Happy Birthday Smokie Pokie Kitty Cat! Congratulations on Derrick’s Spin Class that it an incredible accomplishment ( I have seen the students that come out of that class and well let’s say he is a great teacher). Much warmth and love!

    Claudia Pokie Woo Woo Bear~

    Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2015 03:43:41 +0000 To: montero333@msn.com

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