Lack of April Showers

It has been cloudy for the past few days with the slightest chance of rain in the forecast. I counted three tiny raindrops falling from the sky this afternoon and have been praying for more to follow. Our state is entering into its fourth year of drought and all residents must conserve water. Most recently, a local park in Sherman Oaks broke ground for several new synthetic soccer and baseball fields. I cannot imagine living without that awesome aroma of fresh cut grass! This is a photo I took of some colorful flowering succulents planted by my husband this year in our side yard.

Not only is there a serious drought in California, this Spring has been a dry season when it comes to miracles and revelations in my own life. It has been a turbulent month filled with constant prayer for several friends of mine who are  battling cancer and another with a debilitating neurological disease. It’s interesting how your priorities shift when someone close to you is enduring tests and procedures that will reveal whether they will live to a ripe old age … or not. I am reminded that our bodies are fragile and am thankful to be close to God.

I send healing prayers and blessings out to every precious child of God!

2 thoughts on “Lack of April Showers

  1. Ivana Masler says:

    So beautifully written

  2. Ghaffari Golesorkhi Leila says:

    i love you so very much xxx

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