Questions for God!

I believe that one day I will have the opportunity to ask God specific questions that I have pondered throughout my life. When in prayer, it seems natural to call out to my Father when I cannot understand or accept a certain situation. While I trust in Him completely, it would be a great comfort to know the answers to these questions:

1.  After my mom was diagnosed with ALS, she believed and proclaimed many times that you would heal her from this disease. She passed away six months later. Why didn’t you restore her to perfect health?

2.  Why are innocent babies born with leukemia or life-threatening diseases? Is it to strengthen the faith of those closest to them?

3. “Bad things happen to good people” seems to be true in our society. Why is it that the righteous ones leave this earth sooner than mean-spirited people? My theory is that unkind people have more lessons to learn about loving others and they require more time here.

Thank you, Father for surpassing all understanding and loving me as I am!

2 thoughts on “Questions for God!

  1. Lyn Doering says:

    God did restore mom back to perfect health, the ultimate state of perfection, becoming one with Him ❤
    Incarnation serves one purpose and one purpose only ❤ that is to wind up our karmas so that one day we can return to Him. Only pure can merge back into pure. So as a result of our past karma, created in untold lifetimes, we are given life to clear that slate. Perhaps this little baby only had that much karma left to pay off before he or she was able to go back home to God and become one with Him ❤
    If we are the ones "left behind" during the passing of a loved one, God knows how to pull at our heart strings and each of these events is carefully orchestrated by Him, giving us each exactly what we need to give us the opportunity to turn to Him, to want Him so badly that one day we want nothing more, and then our true journey will begin ❤
    Our lifetimes are purely to play out the karmic reactions of the past. My spiritual teacher says that those who depart this lifetime early are the fortunate ones, for that means they have less karma to pay off in this lifetime ❤
    I love you my beautiful sissie ❤ xxx ooo

  2. Natalie says:

    These question are so valid, they are exactly the same as my questions!

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