Priceless Expression of Love

20150225_134032-1As each month passes, it becomes clearer why God transferred me to this new school. We have a core Christian group of staff members who meet on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at lunchtime for a Bible study. We share our personal struggles, triumphs, pray for one another, and sing uplifting songs. One of the more proactive members pushed through a “Follow Jesus” program to be available for students to attend on campus on Thursdays.

Recently, one of the Physical Education teachers who has taught at the middle school for 30+ years revealed that her father was in the hospital suffering from congestive heart failure. Many of her co-workers prayed for God to comfort the entire family. Her dad passed away a few days later peacefully with his family around him. The following morning she shared this news with me and a student, Freddy when she saw us in the hallway. We both hugged her and expressed our condolences. I asked Freddy if he’d like to make a beautiful card for her to show our support and love.

This young man created an artistic pop-up card (pictured) and presented it to this woman grieving for the loss of her father. There were over fifty people who signed the heartfelt card. She was so overwhelmed with emotion when he handed it to her. It was such a genuine expression of love and compassion. I know it meant the world to her as it lifted her spirit up and gave her a sense of peace.

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