Beautiful Gate

Last weekend I asked God to lead me into a new ministry. On Sunday evening, Derrick and I visited our friend Rose’s church in Silverlake called Beautiful Gate. When Rose visited me in the hospital after hip surgery in December, she described her new place of worship with such love and exuberance. I told her we would definitely check out a Sunday evening service in the near future.

I loved the message given by the pastor, Samuel Theophylus and his wife Priya’s testimony was so touching. She talked about her first encounter with Jesus and how it changed her life forever. They are a lovely couple who moved here from Hyderabad, India over seven years ago. As Samuel spoke about the culture in India and his upbringing, it brought to mind the story of Abraham. Genesis 12:1: Now the Lord said to Abraham, Go for yourself away from your country, from your relatives and your father’s house, to the land that I will show you. How inspiring it is to meet true disciples of God who are willing to leave their country and completely trust in God to lead them to a new land!

I desire to spread the Word of Jesus more often and one day declare that I am also a true disciple of Christ. This life is flying by so fast and I want to grab every opportunity that comes my way.







One thought on “Beautiful Gate

  1. Cindy Doering says:

    So beautiful is the Lord, omnipresent & almighty…He can work through us lowly souls to help others, but first we must have Him help us so we have something to give.

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