A Hipper Christmas!

I woke up this Christmas morning praising God for my incredible life! I was able to shower and get dressed completely on my own for the first time since hip replacement surgery on the 15th of December. I’ve cried out to Him every day and night to help me get through the pain because the procedure has taken a toll on my emotions as well as my physical self.

I’ve had many entertaining moments along this road to recovery as well. Two days after returning home from the hospital, I had an allergic reaction from my blood thinner pills and tiny bumps appeared down my entire back. My stepson was keeping me company and had the bright idea to rub some alcohol on them to stop the itching. As he rubbed the cotton soaked liquid on my back, I yelled out that it was hurting even more. He then proceeded to blow on my back to calm down the burning sensation just as his dad walked in the door. I started laughing at the entire scenario and they joined in. Finding humor in the midst of a storm will definitely lift up your spirits!

Listening to my customized iHeart radio station compiled of Christian praise songs also got me through this season; especially during the nights in the hospital when I needed a nurse to assist me with every small task. I played my uplifting music almost 24 hours a day to drown out any thoughts of self-pity for my temporary condition and to share my love for Jesus with all of the staff.

I had to spend one extra night in the hospital due to a serious drop in my blood pressure. It occurred when the Occupational Therapist escorted me to this tiny shower room. There was little air in the confined area and I could simply not breathe. They rushed me back to my room and gave me oxygen and proceeded to order an EKG. I was then wheeled down to Cardiology for an ultrasound. At first I was disappointed when told I would be staying an additional night for observation. But when my sister, Lyn asked me if I was upset over the news, I told her it was in God’s hands.

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed that final night thanks to a nurse named Mercy. When she arrived for the nightshift, she came to my room to introduce herself. I responded by saying that her name was beautiful and it made me think of God’s mercy. She smiled and told me her father in Nigeria had given her that name. We had heartfelt conversations throughout the next twelve hours and I knew that I had stayed if only to meet her and share our faith.

Jesus was born on Christmas morning and made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. Let’s focus on all of our priceless gifts from God this season and be a blessing to each other! Hallelujah!





One thought on “A Hipper Christmas!

  1. Leila Ghaffari Golesorkhi says:

    SO HAPPY to hear you are healing so FAST – MERRY CHRISTMAS dearest kitty cat – LOVE UUUUUUUU xxx:)))

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