Answered Prayers from Day One!

      When I arrived to my new job site on Monday morning, I was filled with excitement and welcomed the change from my usual routine. I’d worked fifteen years as a Special Education paraprofessional at an elementary school level and was now moving up to middle school. I met a new friend while signing in at the main office who was also a newbie to the school. We talked as if we’d been friends for years and toured the campus together while discovering more about each other.

     After the faculty meeting in the auditorium, we reported back to the office to inquire about our new assignments. The Coordinator informed us that no decision had been made and to sit tight until the end of the day. We were asked to assist families with school registration and stood behind the counter in compliance. Only a few minutes had passed when a familiar face walked through the doorway. It was the mother of a boy I had worked with at my previous school. We had confided in each other and prayed together over the years. She was surprised to see me and inquired if I was working at the middle school. She did not waste any time when I nodded affirmatively and headed straight to the Coordinator’s office. After ten minutes, the two women walked over to inform me that I was being assigned to work with her son during his first year. 

     I escorted her outside and she reached out to give me an enormous hug. She told me, “I prayed to God this summer to provide my son with a kind and loving person to assist him at his new school. I am so relieved now because I know he will be in good hands.” We both agreed that it was His perfect timing that brought us together again and marveled at how God answered our prayers. He is such a loving and faithful Father!

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