Blessings Raining Down on Me

This past week was dedicated to developing a closer relationship with God and finishing Pastor Greg Laurie’s incredible book, “Revelation, The Next Dimension”. The house was quieter than usual because my husband was in Colorado riding in the Annual Triple Bypass Ride. (The name alone would have scared me off from registering)!

I’ve been on temporary disability this summer due to a hip injury that occurred at school. Once my surgery was scheduled for May, I verbally expressed my desire to move to another school this Fall to both friends and family. Yesterday during church service I asked our Almighty God to move me to a new position. When I received the mail this afternoon, there was a letter from the L.A. School District. I opened it and read the words twice before it sunk in; a transfer had gone through without my having to lift a finger. It will definitely be a big change to work at a Middle School after working in elementary for almost 15 years! 

Another miracle happened this week that I must share with everyone. Every Spring I plant tomatoes in our garden in the backyard so we can enjoy scrumptious, fresh produce throughout the summer. This year I was not able to physically plant anything and was really frustrated about it! Would it surprise you that I found six healthy thriving tomato plants in our front yard only a week ago? There must be eighty or more giant tomatoes growing on those vines! I could not believe my eyes!  God is always listening to our prayers even at those times when He seems silent. He will shower you with blessings and favor if you place your faith in Him!  

One thought on “Blessings Raining Down on Me

  1. Craig says:

    God is Awesome! Will call Sunday. Love u guys! 🙂

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