My Guardian Angel

My first encounter with my angel named Steven was on the night of the car collision. The driver’s side door was blocked so I hoisted myself over to the passenger seat and opened that door. I reached down to the floor to retrieve my phone and dialed my husband.  Steven then appeared and knelt down to comfort me and hold my hand. Then he kindly offered to give Derrick the directions to our location. As I was hoisted out of the car by the EMT’s and placed in an ambulance, my husband arrived at the scene. A young man stepped out of the crowd to ask him if he needed any assistance (a true angel of mercy).

After ten days in the I.C.U, I was transferred to a nursing care facility for the next phase of my recovery. When I reflected back to that traumatic night, I determined that Steven was heaven sent to console me in my time of need. He had programmed his number in my phone and I called him to give an update on my condition. This angel came to visit me during my second week at the facility. When Derrick shook Steven’s hand, he recognized him as the young man who’d approached him that night to lend his support.

Last month on Thanksgiving morning, I received a message from Steven asking for our mailing address as he wanted to send us something. To our surprise, he wanted to invite us to his wedding and his fiancee was arriving from Brazil in a couple days. Derrick invited the two of them to join us for a post Thanksgiving dinner after he picked her up from the airport. Steven and Nathaly spent the entire afternoon with us and we learned they had met four years prior when he was on a missionary trip in Brazil. What a lovely couple and to think that God had brought them together in His perfect timing.

We attended their intimate wedding on Saturday, December 16 at a church in Pasadena. Their personal vows brought tears to our eyes and I whispered to Derrick, “God can bring good out of any situation.” We celebrated this blissful union with his loving family and friends. We just might fly to Sao Paolo next year to attend the second wedding ceremony in Brazil. God has revealed to me that there are angels on earth! Have an incredibly blessed Christmas season.




2 thoughts on “My Guardian Angel

  1. Cynthia Doering says:

    You are surely one of God’s angels!

  2. goddesswarriorblog says:

    i am SO HAPPY you reconnected and wow what a beautiful story and photo – adore you and see you soon x:)


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