Rebounding Praise

Our recent diagnosis of metastasized prostate cancer has brought us many blessings in the first two weeks. We are receiving incredible support and unlimited prayers from extended family and friends from all over the world. Derrick is visiting our five year old grandson and spending priceless hours with him before starting his aggressive treatments.

I was guided to purchase an Air Rebounder last weekend and we picked one up in La Canada. If you research the term “rebounding” you will discover that it moves your cells around and can heal the lympatic system. Astronauts jump and bounce on trampolines when returning from space to increase bone density.

This morning as I was rebounding to praise music, I started to throw punches and incorporate boxing into my 20 minute workout. I was stirred in my spirit and began to cry out, “We are going to overcome cancer” and “We will be healed in Jesus’ name”! We truly believe that we will have an amazing and life-changing testimony once we come through this obstacle. God will take this situation and reveal his glory and healing power.

We are extremely grateful and thankful for all of your prayers this season. Our strong faith will carry us through and your love and prayers are welcome. Our God is AMAZING!



2 thoughts on “Rebounding Praise

  1. Hey Cat, I have been reading your posts! I read one from last night that was in my mailbox from a while ago and then got this one this morning, and couldn’t help but want to reach out!!

    My mom is a doctor and my dad has been pretty involved with researching cancer and its natural cures. We have had a friend, (I believe with prostate cancer) for a while now, and gave him some advice on what natural ways to heal. Within 6 months the cancer was completely gone! This is a friend of ours who recently got healed.

    If you are interested in learning more I can send you the materials that my parents have, to learn more about healthy healing and also what exactly our friend did to get healed!

    Xoxo! đź’“


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  2. Michael Ward says:

    This Miracle that God has started will take on a Life of its OWN Starting from you Cat !!!

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