The Favor of God

It has been 3 months since my husband’s prostatectomy and the extended stay in the hospital. He scheduled a post-op appointment with the surgeon one week ago for a blood test to check his current PSA level. His doctor had the results within 15 minutes and reported an unusually high number. We have been claiming he is healed from prostate cancer since January when first diagnosed and stand in agreement that this was a false reading.

A new bone scan was ordered by the doctor and the authorization arrived 5 days later. When Derrick contacted the Northridge Diagnostic Center to schedule the bone scan, he was told the facility was booked until the end of July! That date was totally unacceptable to us and I began to pray fervently for God to help us. The following morning I called the Center to inquire if there was another location that could administer the scan. I was given the number to a facility in Thousand Oaks and called immediately.

I explained our situation to their office manager and waited patiently for a desirable response. She believed there was a cancellation for the end of that week and placed me on hold to confirm. I booked the appointment for Friday morning and praised God for favor. He definitely was listening to my prayers and shows up every step of this journey. With God on our side, we know that we will overcome this obstacle and praise Him in Jesus’ name. Thank you to everyone for the healing prayers and love!








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