Genesis Revolution

My Sunday mornings typically start with attending an incredible 9 am service at ONE Church in Hollywood. Then I drive straight over to my favorite yoga class that lasts for one glorious hour and a half. That’s how I prepare for the upcoming week – aligning my mind with God and strengthening my body in a peaceful setting. This one particular Sunday I slept in later than usual and decided to change up my routine for the day. I ate a light breakfast and practiced my yoga, then headed over to Hollywood for the early afternoon service. As I neared the building, I literally bumped into an old friend of mine named Michael. We met back in the year 2000 while attending a prophetic church and had not been in touch for at least 10 years.

We both knew in that instant that we were reconnecting for a purpose and exchanged our contact information. He reached out the very next day and left a message saying he was launching a new ministry with ONE Church called the Genesis Revolution Movement. I returned his call that evening and questioned him about his vision for the ministry. He informed me that it is a spiritual revolution in media, church, government, health, and music including all entities, domestic and international. It was right in alignment with my latest book All In Perfect Time and I told him he could count me in as one of the original members and supporters of the movement.

The ministry met at Griffith Park recently for a Media Day to film several of our testimonies about hearing God’s voice and following through with that request. He gave me the title to my latest book months before I started writing and revealed that the topic would be based on His divine timing. Then it all fell into place as to how I would record the perfect timing stories and then write them as individual chapters. I am thankful to be living in His light and live each day to the fullest.

2 thoughts on “Genesis Revolution

  1. Patricia Anne Monagle says:

    Cat, you are most certainly a person who lives life to the fullest, and, as a result, you have a very full life – things just continue to fall into place for you. I have seen these chance meetings with my own eyes while we enjoy a coffee, go out to dinner or simply attend an event people appear, new connections are made and you endlessly serve God.

    • cathatchett says:

      Tricia, your words touched me deeply. You are like a second mom to me and our friendship means the world to me! God’s hands will continue to heal you, precious one.

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