Living Out the Prophetic Word

It was the Saturday of June 3rd, 2006 when I dropped a crystal vase from our wedding ceremony on my bare foot. The impact severed the tendon to my right big toe. Needless to say, Derrick and I postponed our honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean for six months while I recovered from a couple surgeries and then rehabilitated.

Only four days after the accident, I attended a Wednesday service at my church, Time In Destiny. I received prophetic word from Pastor Gary Zamora that evening. He began by saying, “I see where your injury is but I want to identify something up near your hip. I’m looking at a foot that’s bandaged but what God is addressing is your right hip. I speak the word of the Lord right now into your hip and I declare the pain leave your body in Jesus’ name; that the joint in your hip be completely restored and healed.” He repeatedly spoke of healing to my right hip during this prophetic word; although I had never experienced any pain in that area. To be truthful, I did not take those words to heart or believe they pertained to me. Even after I received another prophetic word from Pastor Zamora in June of 2007 that spoke of God’s healing power over my bones and hip joint; I ignored the obvious truth.

While packing a couple months ago before the move to our new home, I decided to type all of the prophetic word spoken to me and save it in the computer. As I was reading the handwritten words from my journal, it struck me that the words were alive today and had come to pass! I had arthroscopic hip surgery 11 days ago to repair a torn labrum. When I met with the assisting orthapaedic surgeon today, he showed me detailed photos from the surgery that revealed a huge bone spur that had been growing in size for years! Thankfully, they were able to shave it down to smooth out the hip bone.

As I reflect on this series of events, I am amazed by God’s goodness and grace. He will speak to us through the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth but our hearts must be open and receptive to Him. I have learned another valuable lesson about trusting in my Father completely! He is the past, present, and the future!

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