A Birthday To Remember

 Since I was a small girl, I have always loved to celebrate my birthday each year. I especially remember my ninth birthday because my mom threw a surprise party for me and invited all my friends to our house to celebrate. However, my 50th birthday celebration superceded all the rest due to a fabulous party combined with my first book signing. Fifty years is quite a milestone and I was very comfortable with my life’s accomplishments.  

My perspective changed a little this year before May 3rd rolled around. I’ve been limping around due to a tear on the labrum of my hip. One of the special needs children at school gave me a hard shove in my back and I’ve juggled work with doctor visits, acupuncture, and physical therapy since the beginning of the year. This is the first time in my life that I’ve felt my true age due to this chronic pain.

I celebrated a wonderful birthday week with my loved ones and stayed grateful for this incredible life of mine! I choose to stay in prayer and close to my Father and give him praise for every breath…

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