A New Year Blessing

I can think of many desirable ways to start the new year including resolutions, parties, church, and celebrations. Instead I found myself meeting my husband at the auto repair shop because his car was in need of a rebuilt transmission. It was no surprise to me when he called to say the car had died less than a mile away and was waiting for the tow truck. So I chatted with the owner in the comfy waiting area and he kindly offered me an espresso.  As I sat sipping my coffee, I tried to maintain a positive attitude about the situation. I had so much to be thankful for in my life and was not going to allow this untimely expense to ruffle my expectations for 2014.

Only a few moments passed before a friend of the owner walked through the door. They spoke to each other in Farsi, their native language. He settled into a chair across the table from me and started up a conversation. When I mentioned I was an author, he handed me his business card. It turned out that he owns a local printing business.  I grabbed one of my books to show him the quality and inquire if he could produce a comparable product. I told him my dear friend, Leila had grown up in Tehran and her family’s incredible story was written in my book. I mentioned that her uncle had a prestigious position in the military when the Shah’s government was overthrown.  I opened to that particular chapter and he read aloud her uncle’s name and exclaimed, “I am a good friend of his daughter.” Without hesitation, he dialed her number and spoke with her for a few minutes. After the call, he asked if he could buy the book for his friend, who is also Leila’s cousin.  

It is a small world when God is present in our lives and creates purposeful and divine appointments. Have a blessed and incredible new year.



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