A Radio Interview

It was a glorious summer afternoon so I drove to my favorite park in Sherman Oaks to get some exercise. I enjoy walking around the entire perimeter of the park a couple times a week, and typically a friend or two will join me. On this particular day, my intention was to check out the new workout equipment that had been installed near the jogging path. As I approached this area, I recognized the face of a young father whom I see regularly on our school campus. He was hanging upside down with gravity boots from a steel bar.

We chatted for a few minutes before I ventured out to test the new machines. As I sat down at the leg press machine, I heard this dad yell out to a soccer coach who was adjacent to us on the playing field. It was quite an amazing reunion between the two of them. Amazingly, this man had been his soccer coach over 25 years ago! He had recognized him by the distinct tone of his voice! It turns out that Teddy is the producer of a radio show on KPFK 90.7 FM called “Stairway to Heaven”. He has graciously invited me to be a guest on his show to discuss my current book, “All In Perfect Time” in early November. I have no doubt that God planned for us to meet at this specific time.

I will post the air date and podcast information soon.

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