The Miracle of Prayer

Last Monday I worked with one of my former students who is now in the fourth grade. While we were on the playyard, one of his classmates told me, “Mrs. Cat, I will be having surgery to remove a growth on my thyroid this Friday. The doctor says it will be painful and most likely to come back and I’m nervous about the whole thing.”

Knowing that she is a believer, I took her hand and prayed to God, “Dear Father, we know you are in control of this situation and ask that you remove this growth and the fear from this child. We also agree that it will no longer be an issue and trust in you.” She went for the pre-op scheduled on Wednesday afternoon. The following morning, she flagged me down in the cafeteria. With excitement in her voice, she said, “Guess what? The doctor cancelled the surgery for Friday because he couldn’t find anything during the pre-op.” We rejoiced together and agreed it was a miracle from God.

As I was driving home from school that afternoon, I knew that I was to share this amazing testimony with others. I started that evening at my book signing and have continued to tell of this miraculous healing. Have a Good Friday and a beautiful Resurrection Sunday! God bless us all…  


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